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Why has Dr. Corbier decided to have other specialists manage medications that he previously managed for years?

Dr. Corbier believes that apart from him, there are various other specialists that are more than qualified to manage and prescribe meds while Dr. Corbier focuses his attention elsewhere.

Dr. Corbier believes that there are a variety of non-pharmacological interventions that are safe and work very well that few traditional ‘allopathic’ physicians rely on. Dr. Corbier would like to focus now on these interventions while not being distracted by other treatment modalities.

For convenience and appropriate access to care, other specialists with ‘cross-coverage’ will be better able to address medication management and medication refills than Dr. Corbier who will now work in a strictly outpatient Wellness Center setting.

What if my child has a problem outside of business hours, what should I do?

The Brain Restoration Clinic will operate during normal business hours. For after hour concerns, patients should contact either their primary care physician or specialist as the case may be. For emergencies call 911.

Will Dr. Corbier see patients in the hospital?

Dr. Corbier will not see or manage patients that go to the ER or hospital. Their specialist will manage this. Dr. Corbier will only focus on services at the Outpatient Center.

Does Dr. Corbier have a list of providers/specialists that he recommends?

We have made a list of providers (adult/pediatric neurologists, pediatric psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and developmental pediatricians) that can manage medications and other traditional aspects of care as well as acute care.