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Announcing April 7 parenting workshop

Parenting is difficult. Life is difficult — and it doesn’t have to be. 

Join us for a unique parenting workshop with occupational therapist, author and transformational coach, Kristen Oliver, to learn how to make your life one that is exactly what you have always wanted but were afraid you could never have. 

In this Connected Parenting Workshop, Kristen will teach you her key concepts, which will allow you to move from anxiety about your child’s wellbeing, to a place of ease, peace and connection. We are often replaying subconscious patterns that are not serving us or our family in a positive way. However, we can’t do anything about this until we are in awareness of these patterns.

Through concepts based in neuroscience and spirituality, Kristen uses experiential techniques including discussion, journaling and guided meditation to help you transform your stories and perceptions about yourself and your family. You will gain a new positive perspective on your life and realize lasting change is possible! 

Please join us on April 7 to start your journey toward cooperation, connection and effective communication within your family. 

We are offering this workshop at a greatly reduced rate, $27 rather than $97 because we want to make this work accessible to all.

Space is limited.

Click here to reserve your spot.