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Autism, PANDAS and Mitochondrial Disease Group Clinic


How it works:

Patients visit the group clinic to learn about one of the disorders (Autism, PANDAS or Mitochondrial Disease). The first half of the lecture is educational material and support group information. The second part will be about genetic education, including how to collect a genetic sample from children. If patients decide to participate in lab studies, They will come the following month to a ROF ( review of finding ) lecture. This is where Dr. Corbier will explain what each gene means and what can do to move forward.

August 14:
9:00am- 11:45am
1:30pm- 4:15pm

September 18
ROF (review of findings)
Time TBD

October 16 
Time TBD

November 28
ROF (review of findings)
Time TBD

It typically takes take 4-6 weeks to receive genetic lab results.

Lecture and ROF are $250 each.

  • Lecture cost: $250
  • Optional labs will be filed through insurance
  • ROF educational review about gene results cost: $250
  • If you have more than one child, the lecture is just one charge of $250. If you decide to get all your children tested, and you come back for the ROF to learn the results, it’s $250 for the first child and $50 off any additional child.

    • Child 1 $250
    • Child 2 $200
    • Child 3  $150, etc.
  • Additional individual appointments are available at this point to pursue further testing, nutritional support, supplement monitoring and other modalities.  Each individual hour with Dr. Corbier is $475.


To sign up, call Brain Restoration Clinic at (704) 541-9117.