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Dear Patient,

I would like to inform you about an important change that we are making to BRC. We are introducing an educational group clinic that is designed to provide you with:

Practical and up-to-date neurological information

Clinical pearls that can be used to improve brain health

A support group atmosphere that will be very uplifting

Group interaction not possible with private consultations

An opportunity following the group clinic to also meet one-on-one for a private consultation, neurological exam and labs (these appointments slots are limited).


Lectures will be held once a month on a Monday morning and will last 2 hours (from 9- 11 am). Private consultations (5 slots only) will be held in the afternoon from 1:30 pm – 4 pm (each session will last 15-20 minutes).


The group lectures will be held in a lecture hall adjacent to BRC (you may come in through BRC and will then be directed to the lecture hall).


Example of topics that will be covered include:

How to fix the brain using neuromodulation interventions and utilizing principles of neuroplasticity

Nutritional neurology and the proper use of dietary supplements as an alternative to medications

Immunological and Gastrointestinal treatments that affect brain function

Seizures/Epilepsy and other types of spells

Neurobehavioral and neurodevelopmental issues

CBD oil and the use of medical cannabis

Tools to treat anxiety, mood disorders and sleep problems


People that should attend the group clinic include:

Any patient or family member with any neurological problem (pediatric or adult neurological condition) but especially those with autism, PANDAS/PANS, mitochondrial conditions and hard to treat neurological problem.


These group clinics will be an important way for BRC to provide care in the coming months since BRC will no longer be accepting new patients except via group clinic appointments. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the group clinics which will last a full 2 hours will cost only $250 per couple (with an extra $150 per patient for a private consultation for those that desire an individual consultation with labs and an exam). We will charge $25 for any guest you bring along (you can bring more than one guest). The group clinics will be held once a month (appointments will be made on a first-come, first serve basis).

We will encourage each patients/family member when making an appointment to submit 3 important questions that they would like addressed during the session.


Clinic seating is limited.

Book early by calling (704) 541-9117

 If you are interested in attending the event, call the office to reserve a spot. Additionally, click here to fill our the demographic information and email the completed form to


If you are interested in genetic counseling, please fill out the form here.


September 18 9am-11; one on one with the doctor 1:30pm -4:00pm
October 16 9am-11; one on one with the doctor 1:30pm -4:00pm
November 28 9am-11; one on one with the doctor 1:30pm -4:00pm