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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Do you file claims with my health insurance?  

A:  We are not contracted with Medicare, Medicaid or any commercial insurance companies and we do not file any claims.  We do provide you with an itemized receipt that includes the CPT and ICD-10 codes necessary to file your own claim if you choose to do so.


Q:  How much is an office visit?

A:  There are two options for becoming a new patient at Brain Restoration Clinic.  The option you choose will determine your “fee schedule”.  These details are available here:


Q:  Will your doctors be my new primary care physician / primary neurologist?

A:  No.  We ask all of our patients to maintain a relationship with a primary care physician and/or primary neurologist as our doctors do not have hospital privileges and are not on call after hours or for emergencies.  Additionally, if you are on Medicaid, your prescription medications may need to be written by a physician who is contracted with Medicaid unless you choose to pay for them out-of-pocket.


Q:  Can I speak to or meet the doctors before I decide to schedule a new patient visit?

A:  Yes!  Give us a call or email to sign up for one of our FREE Brain Restoration Academy Support Group meetings or our FREE Topic Specific Group Clinics.  You can read more about these events here: