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Hydrate Medical now at Brain Restoration Clinic

We are happy to announce that Hydrate Medical will now be offering IVIG at Hydrate Loft at Brain Restoration Clinic!

We appreciate your patience in our development of this much needed program. Hydrate Medical has an unsurpassed safety record and this is due to our dedicated research, careful protocol development, training and implementation.

This process takes time. After thorough research on the topic of IVIG and working with suppliers and manufacturers to gain information we now feel we can safely administer IVIG at Hydrate Loft.

Pricing will be based on weight and dose and is all inclusive. Insurance will not be accepted at this time. All treatments will be administered by a highly trained and certified emergency medicine nurse.

Please call Brain Restoration Clinic at 704.541.9117 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Corbier if you are interested in IVIG treatment.

We look forward to helping you!

BRC and Hydrate Medical Team