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New, All-Inclusive, BRC Membership Program is Here!

We are transitioning to a unique, Brain Restoration Clinic (BRC) Membership Practice where all services, therapies recommended, dietary supplements, wellness-based curriculum and services (including those you might not expect) are included. In addition to providing the highest level of personalized service and experience possible, the membership will be convenient as well as cost effective for clients. Our goal is to have a 100% participation from our clients. We are interested in quality, not quantity and in client/patient dignity since we are equal partners on the journey to wellness.

To learn more about our new program, and to share with us your own ideas as to how we can better serve you, we invite you to attend our first BRC PATIENT TOWN HALL MEETING.

-DATE: October 1st, 2016

-LOCATION: Brain Restoration Clinic (you will be directed to our adjacent community room)

-TIME: 9 am -11 am

-WHO SHOULD COME: Current clients and those interested in, or curious about, an innovative model of wellness and patient- centered care suited for various medical conditions ranging from             simple to complex

-COST: Each person should come prepared to ‘donate’ or share at least one good idea that can benefit other patients that will attend the meeting. The event is otherwise free.

-WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT: In addition to information we will present, you will hear from other parents that will share their experience in navigating through the school system, coping with a new or difficult diagnosis, finding resources that many are not aware of, etc. Please come with your own ideas and suggestions for the group.

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