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  • How much does it cost to attend the Wellness Center Services and different Clinics? (see Question 11)
  • Patient Fees, billing, Medicaid, and financial matters (see Questions 9-12)
  • New Patients (see Questions 6-8, 11, 31)
  • Existing patients (all questions and answers provide useful information. In particular, see Questions 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 13 -17, 24 &25)
  • Medication Questions (see Questions 13 &14)
  • Group Clinic (see Questions 2, 9, 12, 18 -23)
  • Location of new Wellness Center (see Question 3 but also Question 2)
  • Acute care, after hour services, ER and inpatient care (see Questions 24 & 25)
  • Types of providers at the Wellness Center (see Questions 28 and 29)
  • What type of services and experience can you expect at the Wellness Center (see Questions 27 -30)


1) Why is Dr. Corbier changing his practice?

Dr. Corbier is in a position where he can now fulfill his ultimate dream of practicing wellness-based medicine with several other like-minded providers in a collaborative manner (several providers, therapists and services all housed under one roof!). This, Dr. Corbier believes, will result in the highest quality of care in a way that is also very convenient for patients. 

2) When is Dr. Corbier’s last day at his current location?

Dr. Corbier’s last day of seeing Neurology Wellness Patients at his current Park Rd, Charlotte office was on Monday, December 22nd 2014.  The start date of the new practice is January 5th, 2015.

The Neurology Wellness Practice will no longer exist as is but will now operate under a pre-existing entity  called ‘Palmetto Medical Group’ in Indian Land, SC -see address below. We now welcome new patients and will function as a group-based, educational practice. Dr. Corbier and various speakers and providers will take part of this group-based clinic to address specific topics and various conditions. Various insurances (including Medicaid) will be filed.

Dr. Corbier’s other practice, Brain Restoration Clinic, will continue. This Clinic will also relocate to Indian Land, SC. The plan is to start there by 6/1/15. Until then Dr. Corbier will continue to see Brain Restoration Patients in Charlotte, Park Rd office (Tuesdays – Thursdays).

3) What is the address of the new location (will be there by 6/1/15 and before then will be at the Charlotte office on Park Rd)?

1040 Edgewater Corporate Parkway (behind Lowe’s)

Indian Land SC 29707 

4) When will Dr. Corbier start seeing patients in his new location?

Please see question number 1

5) Will Dr. Corbier be able to continue seeing all of his current patients that are interested in coming to his new Center?

Dr. Corbier welcomes every patient he is currently seeing or has seen in the past to be part of the new experience at the Wellness Center.

6) Will Dr. Corbier start seeing new patients in his new location?

Dr. Corbier has not been able to accommodate new patients for the past several months owing to limited patient slots and being very busy. Owing to the restructuring of the practice, Dr. Corbier will now be able to accept new patients to the Wellness Center (both children and adults interested in a very comprehensive and wellness-based approach). 

7) Are there certain types of patients Dr. Corbier will or will not see?

Dr. Corbier and his team are willing to see any patient with a health need of any age or condition who believes our services may be helpful. If a condition is acute or potentially acute and warrants the concomitant care of a specialist for medication and potential inpatient care, we will make sure this is in place before the visit.

If a patient is already seeing a neurologist but would like to also consult concomitantly with us in order to incorporate a wellness-based approach, we will be happy to consult and collaborate with the other specialist.

8) Is Dr. Corbier going to start seeing adult patients in addition to pediatric patients?

Dr. Corbier like all pediatric neurologists has training in adult as well as pediatric neurology though there is an emphasis in pediatric care. Dr. Corbier will expand his current load of adult care while continuing to work with pediatric patients. Dr. Corbier also has colleagues at the Wellness Center that are adult trained (Internist, Family Practioner, Physiatrist) allowing us collectively to focus on kids as well as adults.

9) Will Dr. Corbier file insurance in his new practice?

Yes. Dr. Corbier has decided to file insurance (all insurances including NC- in progress and SC Medicaid- already available) but on Mondays only for the group practice. Although Dr. Corbier is already in network with various insurances, this will be expanded even more (e.g. we will start to work with SC Medicaid in addition to NC Medicaid). In order to accommodate larger volumes of patients (returning as well as new patients) and to see them in a timely manner while still providing the highest possible level of care, Dr. Corbier has decided to do the following:

-Dr. Corbier will dissolve his solo Neurology Wellness practice and will join an existing practice at the Wellness Center called ‘Palmetto Medical Group’. The other physicians in the group are comprised of family practice physicians and an internist.

-Dr. Corbier will run ‘group clinics’ on Mondays instead of individual consultations as before (see question 12 below for details).

10) Is Dr. Corbier changing to a cash pay practice?

In a separate building within the Integra Wellness Center Complex, Dr. Corbier and his team will be providing wellness-based services under a cash pay model on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Dr. Corbier will not see patients on Fridays. Unlike the Monday group clinics, in this practice, individual consultations will be available. In many instances, instead of evaluating patients alone, Dr. Corbier will evaluate patients with a team of experts with varied backgrounds and perspectives. Dr. Corbier believe that every patient who so desires, should have access to the type of care he and his colleagues will provide at the new Wellness Center. One of Dr. Corbier’s fundamental beliefs it that every patient (without exception) should have access to the types of high quality innovative and patient-centered services he and his team are endeavoring to provide and have spent many hours developing

11) What are the specific clinic fees?

Monday group clinic (Palmetto Medical Group)- We file most insurances. If a particular insurance does not cover this clinic or if self-pay is required for other reasons, the fee will be $200. These clinics are suitable for patients with questions and individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their neurological problem without having to feel rushed during the clinic session which lasts a full 2 hours. The group atmosphere also allows for patient support and sharing of information by people experiencing similar sets of challenges.

Tuesday multidisciplinary clinics (Brain Restoration Clinic)- The fee for each multidisciplinary clinic is $1000. These are one time clinics, that are comprehensive and allow an advanced level of diagnostic and management style to expedite the road to improved health. Prior to attending these multidisciplinary clinics, patients must first have a private consultation (these are done on Wednesday or Thursday) to determine which specific multidisciplinary clinic and set of providers will be needed.

  • These clinics involve several skilled and innovative providers working together.
  • Included in the above  fee, each patient will be provided with a special software called ‘My Healing Tracker’ which allows patients and parents to track various aspects of care through online journaling. One can track health patterns with ease with health information that can be converted to easy to read graphs.
  • In addition to seeing a neurologist, each clinic has several other providers that evaluate each patient during a 2 hour block.
  • Providers review records before the visit and Dr. Corbier gets in touch with other providers that may be involved in the care of patients
  • As mentioned above, patients must first get established via a private consultation to determine which multidisciplinary clinic may be beneficial.

Instead of being referred to various providers who may not talk to each other in a collaborative manner, and instead of wasting a lot of time in between visits, the above clinic model is ideal for patients seeking answers in a timely manner and with the combined expertise of various providers coming at the patient’s problems from different angles.

Ideally, a patient may require attending a multidisciplinary clinic initially with one other follow up in 6 months to assess progress and see if any changes are necessary. In some cases only one multidisciplinary clinic may be needed with specific follow up visits with the appropriate provider (s) recommended.

It is also important to know that clinic notes and appropriate codes and other information will be provided to patients/parents can submit these to the insurance companies for reimbursement (the level of reimbursement will be variable).

Private consultations (Brain Restoration Clinic):

Due to a high demand for private/individualized consultations, Thursday and part of Wednesday afternoon is devoted to individual consultations. This one-on-one management of care option is needed to fine tune patient treatment plans.

New Patient Slot (also suitable for return patients with complex needs needing an extended time slot- 90 minutes) – the fee is $650

Follow up visit the fee is $ 400

12) Will patients who are financially stressed be able to come to the new Wellness Center for care?

In part to make sure all patients have access to our Wellness Center and novel approach to healthcare, we have made the decision to file various insurances including but not limited to Medicaid.

This insurance-based clinic will operate under ‘Palmetto Medical Group’ on Mondays.  Apart from operating in the insurance model this clinic is designed for patients who are looking for answers to their medical problems and would like to get everything possible from the visit. Instead of short clinic visits, patients will be experiencing a 2-hour long clinic session where they will see a wellness-based nutritional neurologist (Dr. Corbier) along with other providers. The patients will take part in a multidisciplinary clinic with providers ranging from nutritionists and behavioral specialists to education experts. The question and answer portion of the visit will leave each patient satisfied in a way that traditional visits do not in many instances. Having other patients with similar problems and questions will only make the experience richer while providing patient support.

As far as our Tuesday –Thursday cash pay practice our fees will be very reasonable for the level of service we are providing. Special arrangements have also been made to make these clinics very affordable.

We have started a non-profit organization that will support some of our research endeavors such as tDCS (see and some specialized clinics such as our mitochondrial disorder clinic.

13) Why has Dr. Corbier decided to have other specialists manage medications that he has previously managed himself for years?

-Back in the mid-1990s Dr. Corbier was doing an externship at Johns Hopkins Medical School and was exposed to the ketogenic diet for the first time. This diet was being used to treat epilepsy in young patients that had failed treatment with all available anti-seizure medications. Although Dr. Corbier was only a 4th year medical student at that time, this started a special journey. This journey has been one of continuously exploring non medication therapeutic options starting with nutritional interventions that are safe, effective and offer an alternative treatment approach to various neurological and neuropsychiatric disturbances. Dr. Corbier wants to now, more than ever before, focus on wellness-based interventions (nutritional, neuromodulation therapies and others).

-Dr. Corbier has never been opposed to medications but believes that there is a big problem with overprescribing of  medications. Often, while medications are being prescribed, there is a lack of curiosity as to the actual underlying cause of the illness being treated. The ‘allopathic’ tendency to focus mainly on symptoms and treat accordingly has been unattractive to Dr. Corbier for a long time.

Owing to the above, Dr. Corbier has taken the big step of letting other qualified specialists takeover medication management (when it makes sense to use medications) while Dr. Corbier devotes his full time, energy and  attention elsewehere.

14) Had Dr. Corbier become anti-medication?

No. Dr. Corbier believes that medication is sometimes necessary, just as in the case of some surgeries and other acute interventions. Dr. Corbier however believes that there are other treatment modalities that are often safer and at least as effective as medications. Dr. Corbier also believes that medications are often overprescribed.

-See question 13 for additional details.

15) Does Dr. Corbier have a list of providers/specialists that he recommends?

We have made a list of providers (adult/pediatric neurologists, pediatric psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists and developmental pediatricians) that can manage medications and other traditional aspects of care.

16) Will Dr. Corbier help in the referral process if needed?

We would like to help where we can.

17) Will Dr. Collaborate with other providers?

YES! Dr. Corbier believes that collaboration with other providers and clinicians can only be beneficial to patients. Although philosophy of medical care may vary from provider to provider, the general goal is hopefully to help patients. Dr. Corbier would like to collaborate with clinicians of various persuasions ranging from the ‘ultraconservative allopathic physician’ to the most alternative Practioner on the healthcare spectrum.

One of our missions is to encourage other doctors to understand the value of non traditional, non allopathic services. We plan to do this by continuing to review and highlight research that has already been done and doing our own ongoing research at the Wellness Center. We will also utilize various non traditional approaches (but will not ignore traditional interventions that work and are safe).

18) Why is Dr. Corbier going to a ‘group clinic’ model?

A group model is actually a powerful model with many advantages. Patients and families with similar health challenges are united in a group that has a positive emotional effect. In a group setting a robust question and answer session can benefit every one. Certain questions not thought of previously by a patient or parent can be asked and addressed to everyone’s satisfaction during the group session. Other parents may be able to share valuable information in addition to that provider by the providers. The group clinics allow efficiency in scheduling clinic visits and these do not have to be pushed out for many months. Finally, the group model allows us to still continue to be able to accept and file insurance.

19) What will happen during the group clinics?

In addition to what was mentioned above, we will have several providers and speakers at each group clinic providing various perspectives. Each session will last 2 hours, which is significantly longer than the traditional visits and therefore, patients will leave with a sense that something significant was accomplished at the visit.

20) When will the group clinics be held?  What conditions are covered in the group clinic?

The group clinics will be held each Monday

  • am clinic held from 9- 11 am
  • afternoon clinic is 2-4 pm.

1st Monday of the Month: AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER Clinic

2nd Monday of the Month: SEIZURES & SPELLS Clinic

*Seizure disorder/Epilepsy

*Recurrent of spells of unidentified origin

3rd Monday of the Month: BEHAVIOR, MOOD & ANXIETY Clinic


5th Monday of the Month: (March, June, August & November) MISCELANEOUS NEUROLOGY Clinic (Headaches, various adult neurological conditions such as      Parkinson’s’ disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.)

21) How does the group clinic different from a regular support group meeting?

Although there will be several elements of a support group (e.g. lots of emphasis on education and patient support) we will need to conform to all of the requirements of the insurance companies for such an endeavor (e.g. referrals when needed)–also see below.

22) Do parents need to come to the clinic with their children or can parents come alone to the group clinics?

This will vary. For the most part parents will  need to bring their children.

23) What if I have a personal or private question for Dr. Corbier, how will that work in a ‘group clinic’ setting?

This appears to be one of the biggest barriers to a group setting that several patients fear. What seems like a barrier may actually be a strong advantage. We encourage patients 2-3 days prior to the group meeting to submit individual questions or concerns. At the visit, these questions will be addressed (without mentioning names) for everyone’s benefit. Various questions/concerns brought up from a collective group will yield answers that surpass what can be obtained on a shorter one-on-one visit where they may be few questions brought up.

If however there is a further need for an individual consultation, than we will be glad to have patients participate in our Wellness Clinic where the services will be extensive and advanced. This is cash pay only.

For questions of medication refills, forms, letter, etc. the primary care physician or other specialist(s) will handle that.

24) What if my child has a problem outside of business hours, what should I do?

The Wellness Center will operate during normal business hours. For after hour concerns, patients should contact either their primary care physician or specialist as the case may be.

25) Will Dr. Corbier see patients in the hospital?

Dr. Corbier’s only focus will be the outpatient Wellness Center. For acute care, ER, hospital and after hour concerns, the primary care physician or other specialist involved should be contacted. This arrangement will ensure that patients with emergency needs can have quick access to urgent care at all times.

26) Why does Dr. Corbier also want to have a cash-based practice?

There are many powerful services and interventions that are not covered by insurance. Perhaps some of them will be in the future. In the meantime, Dr. Corbier does not want to delay providing services that may greatly improve quality of life just because this service is not covered. Dr. Corbier will also be working with a team of providers, many of which do not file insurance at this time. Finally, working outside of the insurance model will allow a certain autonomy and freedom to provide unrestricted level of care. As mentioned above, we have also made special accommodations for an insurance-based practice on Mondays though this will be done in a group setting.

27) What type of services will be held in the new Wellness Center?

Various services and activities will be held at the Center including:

  • Speech/language therapy
  • Feeding therapy
  • Occupational therapy (MNRI, sensory processing disorders, INNP, cranial sacral therapy, feeding therapy and more)
  • Sensory integration therapy
  • ABA and other behavioral services
  • Help with IEPs (including participation in school IEP meetings)
  • School consultations and advocacy (behavioral support, plan development and implementation)
  • Audiology services (comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations for children and adults; auditory processing disorder evaluation; The Listening Program and more)
  • Neurofeedback
  • Alpha stim
  • tDCS
  • alternative services (e.g. Yoga)
  • Various workshops and classes
  • Lecture series (national speakers will be invited to our Center, panel discussions, etc.)
  • Regular support group meetings

Our patients will work with innovative and cutting edge tools such as a special tracking tool to help us objectively track everything ranging for new dietary changes and effect of dietary supplements (or medications) and their affect on behavior to sleep patters and much more (see

-Center for Meaning & Health (round table discussion on topics such as ‘spirituality and medicine’ ‘eastern versus western medicine’, ‘mind-body interactions’, etc.)

-See question 30 below regarding the various multidisciplinary clinics that are offered.

28) What type of medical doctors will be present in the Wellness Center?

  • neurologist
  • pediatrician
  • family practitioners
  • internist
  • physiatrist (PM&R or rehab doctor)
  • integrative psychiatrist

29) What other types of providers will be present in the Center?

  • Chiropractor
  •  Therapists:
    • Speech therapist
    • OT
    • PT
  • Audiologist
  • Clinical educator specializing in alpha stim
  • Compound pharmacist
  • Holistic nutritionist
  • Neurotherapist/neurophysiologist
  • Patient Representative

30) What can you expect at the new Wellness Center?

-Expect an atmosphere of loving support and caring that is exceptional.

-Expect a place where every provider has been selected owing to his or her level of expertise but also desire to take care of patients the right way (patient-centered)

-You will leave with a renewed sense of hope.

You will be able to participate in one or more of the following multidisciplinary clinics (each clinic has several providers ranging from 2 up to 5):

  • Autism Neurodiagnostic & Treatment Clinic (Starting in January 6th, 2015)
    • We have autism clinics that have different emphases (one focuses on behavioral and educational concerns, another on advanced biomedical treatment options)
  • Vacha Speech Disorder Clinic  (Starting in January 6th, 2015)
  • Anxiety, and Mood Disorder Clinic
  • Mystery diagnosis, 2nd opinion Clinic (this is a once a month clinic)
  • Diet, Medication and Dietary Supplement Clinic  (Starting in January 2015)
  • Wellness & Prevention Clinic
  • Alternative Therapy Clinic
  • Sensory Processing Disorder Clinic  (Starting in January 2015)
  • Weight Loss Clinic
  • Problem Behavior Clinic (this will initially be incorporated in the Wednesday Autism Neurodiagnostic & Treatment Clinic).
  • Pain, Stress and Fatigue Clinic
  • Neuromodulation Clinic
  • Mitochondrial Disorder Clinic (Starting in May 2015) see

Various research studies (e.g. for delayed speech/language using advanced neuromodulatory interventions; tDCS; specifically designed supplements, etc.)

Not only is the Wellness Center designed to provide top rate services, these services will be exceeded only by the unique experience patients will enjoy.

31) Can new patients start to schedule appointments?

Yes. We are now accepting and scheduling new patients. We also invite our returning patients to make an appointment for the new clinics mentioned above