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At Neurology Wellness and Brain Restoration Clinic, we understand that it takes a village to raise a child with special needs. That’s why we partner with you to provide services and support both within and outside our practice. We are part of a much larger community of care that is here for you now… and will be there for you and your family down the road as you walk the path to wellness.

Let us help connect you!

Alyson G. Shaffer, M.Ed., BCBA


Allyson-Schaffer-150x150Alyson specializes in providing behavior analysis services with a strong focus on positively impacting and changing the quality of lives for individuals with Autism, behavioral challenges and developmental delays.  She believes in making a difference in the lives of each of her clients and to help each and every individual reach their fullest potential.


Beth Secosky, Health Coach

Beth-beach-headshot-150x150Beth Secosky is a health coach and parent who recovered her child from autism. She specializes in helping parents with the difficult job of healing autism so their child can have a more normal life – and the family can too. Beth collaborates with Dr. Corbier and his team to provide the best possible support for each patient. Beth believes that regaining your child’s health is a sacred task and the rewards are life-changing. It takes thoughtful decision-making, logistics work and planning, overcoming resistance to change, careful financial planning, and juggling social situations that aren’t in line with a healing lifestyle. Coaching helps parents complete these tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Beth coaches parents to plan and problem solve while providing support and encouragement. She coaches her clients step-by-step through their plan and helps them work through any new challenges that surface. This support helps clients stay focused, motivated and on-track. Beth’s favorite part of coaching is celebrating with clients as their children have breakthroughs in healing.

Beth completed her post-graduate certificate in coaching at NC State University and has a master’s degree in human resources from Marymount University. Beth works by phone with clients from all over the country. Beth is a frequent speaker on the topic of autism recovery. She also writes a blog that can be found at To receive notification about new blog posts and upcoming webinars, click here.


Michelle Buff, Food Consultant

(828) 443-7858

Is your child a picky eater with a limited diet? If so, you can get help with Appetite Solutions.


Dr. Mary Newport, Alzheimers nutrition

Mary T. Newport, M.D., author of Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was A Cure? The Story of Ketone. Her latest book is entitled The Coconut Oil and Low-Carbohydrate Solution for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Other Diseases, a practical guide to using coconut oil and MCT oil and a sensible approach to lowering carbs in the diet to increase ketones, which provide alternative fuel for the brain.



cltpg_phototour67Patients coming from out of town can stay at The Residence Inn by Marriott Charlotte Piper Glen for a discounted rate: Book your corporate rate for  Brain Restoration Clinic